Today I had the exquisite pleasure of participating in modeling the creations of the most devinely unique SHIKI Designs. I could spend hours gushing over the beauty, simplicity and down right gloriousness of the two gowns I was chosen to represent. Rather than do that I will give you a little background on the two people behind these magnificently crafted gowns.

Shinichi Mathy, owner and creator, launched SHIKI in Second Life in the spring of 2008 with a small collection of men’s casual wear. In 2009, SHIKI expanded and launched the women’s line. Since then SHIKI has become known for its unique and distinctive designs with high-quality, hand-drawn details. Shinichi continues to push the envelope in SL fashion with the addition of Vinn Wong, an artist and personal friend of Shinichi Mathy in RL, to the SHIKI creative think tank.

Vinn often uses his work as an expression of his emotions stemming from his life experiences. A revelation of himself, raw, uncut. Exposing his inner self to the world through color and motion with the hope of encountering others who see the beauty of the world around them and know what is it to live in the heart of a cloud.

You can find these and many other remarkably impressive designs in Second Life at

Please visit Vinn Wong’s website at to view his extraodinary artwork.

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Helvana in Casella

Cherry blossom trees in full springtime bloom, cascading their soft petals in a light breeze, fanning down to the grassy carpet in a slow dance to the silken strings of a shamisen. A luscious garden overflowing with wildly colorful blooming flowers, trees and shrubs.

Rebirth in Awakening

Phoenix rising from the ashes in all its glorious and fiery colors, a pure symbol of rebirth and renewal. A new awakening to a new world seen through the wonderous awe it inspires in our hearts and souls.

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