Hello everyone,

I’ve been very busy as of late and I haven’t had much time to spare inbetween RL, getting ready for shows and trying to teach myself how to use Photoshop CS5 Extended. However, I wanted to get at least this one post out before the Orleans Blues Designer Gown Competition in InWorldz, February 13, 2013 from 12 – 7 pm IWT (same as SLT).  In this competition I will be modeling 2 gowns, one from New York Couture and one from Romance Couture. This event will take place on the Orleans Blues sim in InWorldz so join us this Wednesday if you can.

As I mentioned in my last post I participated in the Romance Couture 2013 Look Book Fashion Show on January 19th. It was such a pleasant and an amazing experience to walk the runway with approximately 60 people in sim for my first walk since 2005. I’m still a little shellshocked there was no lag!

Eleseren Grey, owner and designer of Romance Couture, is a dream to work with.  She is a trained designer dressmaker in real life (London College of Fashion and English Couture Company), with a previous successful couture Bridal and Evening wear business.  She would sketch a design  in discussion with a client, draft a pattern from the sketch, make up a calico toile and fit on the toile, then proceed to a perfectly fitted gown, sometimes taking over a 100 hours to craft.  Ele’s specialities were hand beading, applique and crewel embroidery.  In InWorldz her goal is to create timelessly elegant and stylish formal gowns.

Here are two examples of Ele’s work, both of which I had the honor of modeling for her during the Romance Couture 2013 Look Book Fashion Show.

Gala Wine Gown

As dreams of sugar plums dance in my eyes, I am the belle of the ball in the Gala Wine Gown. The ruched bodice, adorned with intricately placed jewels and tassels with shimmering beadwork, enhances the de’colletage neckline. Overlaying the bodice is a snug fitting waist-length bolero style jacket with fitted point sleeves and a ruffled collar. Floating tiers cascade to the floor while the court train tiers are edged with floral patterned glistening beads, accented with a ruffled bustle that echoes the jacket collar.

Glitz Peacock Cocktail Dress

From the Frou Frou half hat with mantilla veiling of point d’esprit lace to the diamond and ribbon accented Genoa sling back heels, all eyes will be on me in this glamourous Glitz Peacock cocktail dress. The sequined bodice features a de’colletage neckline accented by gold filigree embroidery, off the shoulder short sleeves and a sheer portrait collar. Gossamer tiers cascade from the dramatic symmetrically dropped waistline, enchanced with a short court train.

Simply scrumptious! All accessories (including hair!) were provided by Romance Couture and can be found in the store. Romance Couture is located at Amphitrite (152, 167, 1102) in Inworldz.

Last, but definately not least, here are a couple of videos of the Romance Couture 2013 Look Book Fashion Show for your perusal:

DMC Model Intros

Romance Couture 2013 Look Book Fashion Show