Phedre Lefevre originally joined Second Life in April of 2005. After working as a runway model in 2005 for Madison Blanc of Top Models, she then moved on to the joy of creating, spending several years building to her heart’s content. She has been Owner, Creator, Partner, Events Manager, Light Show Operator, Hostess and Dancer in several businesses from clubs to furnishings and homes.

In 2012, Phedre received an invitation to participate in the SF Design Super Model competition. It was then she realized that this is what she wanted to do and dedicated her efforts to her mother who passed away in 2005. During the competition she was offered a sponsorship to attended the University of CWS. While attending classes she entered her first styling competition and won First Place!

Phedre graduated from UCWS on November 5, 2012 with honors, winning a scholarship for Advanced classes and accepted as a CWS model. After graduating from UCWS, Phedre was hired as a model for Dallas Modeling Corporation on October 26, 2012 and enrolled in Intermediate and Advanced classes at the Dallas Modeling Academy, continuing her education in modeling, photography and blogging, graduating December 23, 2012. She was chosen as one of six models to represent DMC in Inworldz. During the month of December 2012 Phedre was also hired by DEJAVOGUE.

Phedre intends to increase her knowledge of the virtual world of fashion and modeling with the hope of being the best professional model she is capable of being and some day, perhaps, creating her own designs. Her main interests lie in runway shows, print work, dabbling in SL photography and building.