It’s time for the annual Masquerade Ball and I’ve just received my invitation. This year’s theme is Alice in Wonderland. Naturally, my first thought was Mad Hatter! In the Syfy miniseries “Alice”, The Hatter tries to help Alice in her misadventure but she refuses to trust him, even though they are on the same side. Later, Alice realizes that he is worthy of her trust. The two grow very close and eventually fall in love. Then Alice awakens in a hospital to discover she had been found unconscious. Only… what if she never left Wonderland? What would Mrs. Alice Hatter look like now?

I’m about to take you on a whirlwind shopping spree, so take a deep breath and let’s go! First stop is Wishbox where I found this wonderful Crush dress in Lusty Red. Sheer silk petals adorn the decolletage, the rich velvet skirt, and the flirty stocking tops. Now it’s off to Karu Karu to find that perfect pair of… oh my! These Victorian style lace up Tiffany ankle boots in ruby and black are just the thing! What’s next? Why right next door is Arundel Design and an irresistable veiled top hat! Velvety smooth red silk roses, a jaunty feather and ruby red gems adorn the brim. Hurry now! We must get to Virtual Impressions for this beautifully designed Christine jewelry collection of intricate leaves and flowers set with black diamonds and rubies that is a must have! Oh dear! Look at the time! I’m late! I’m late! for a very important date with the salon! Bye bye now and thank you all for coming!

Style Card

Outfit: Crush in Lusty Red by Wishbox
Mask: Civetta Venetzia Mask by Illusions
Hat: Veiled Steampunk Top Hat by Arundel Design
Boots: Tiffany Ankle Boots in RUBY by Karu Karu
Jewelry: Christine Jewelry Set in Black & Red by Virtual Impressions
Hair: Isabelle in Deep Black by Emo-tions
Makeup: .:Glamorize:. True Cherry by Micalia Darkrose
Nails: Deluxe FingerNails V4.6 By Jamman
Skin: Sharise Mocha Bare by Adam n Eve
Eyes: Elven Eyes in Leaf ~*By Snow*~