Hello! and welcome to my little corner of the virtual world. Kick your shoes off and sit a spell. This is not your typical fashion blog. In fact it really isn’t a fashion blog at all. On these pages you can follow along as I make my journey through the world of virtual fashion modeling from the runway to styling to doing my own photoshoots while learning the workings of Photoshop and my attempts to design and create my own virtual clothing and makeup. I might even toss in a build or two now and then just for grins and giggles.

I hope you will enjoy reading my little blog. Feel free to leave your comments. All I ask is that you please, be respectful. Derogatory, abusive or confrontational comments will be deleted. Constructive critisism is welcome!

See you on the grid!


This blog is dedicated to my Mother who passed away in 2005. Thank you so much for everything you have given me from your wisdom and knowledge of the world of dance to your own unique fashion style. I love you and miss you.